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Announcing evidence of aliens appearing in Egypt since ancient times?

From cave drawings by prehistoric humans, to ancient inscriptions and hieroglyphs from not only the Egyptians but many other peoples, all suggest that aliens have visited Earth. from thousands of years ago.

Tablets of hieroglyphic characters depict people with skulls with very strange shapes, unlike those of humans, so many people believe that the ancient Egyptians were talking about aliens.

Many hieroglyphs depict images of people with elongated skulls identical to those believed to belong to aliens.

A hieroglyph that looks a lot like a flying saucer has been carved on many ancient Egyptian monuments. The shape and structure of the flying saucer looks eerily similar to a popular alien spacecraft.

Strange creatures that look like aliens are seen appearing in many hieroglyphic tablets across Egypt. These creatures have large, black bean-shaped eyes and a human body, but they are absolutely not human.

In a Pharaoh’s temple, it is possible to find a relief depicting a creature similar to the Gray alien race in science fiction stories and movies.

This is a corner of the wall carved with ancient hieroglyphs at the Dendera temple, Egypt. On the wall, we can see an object that looks very similar to a UFO, containing a creature inside, which looks quite similar to the alien image in the movie ET by famous director Steven Spielberg.

Carvings at the temple of Dendera, Egypt depict Egyptians manipulating “ancient light bulbs”. On the far right is a rather strange creature, because it has a long tail, but it is not an animal because it has four limbs and can stand upright like a human, and can hold a knife, but it is not human. Of course, this couldn’t be a monkey because a monkey couldn’t do that.

Many ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs clearly depict a creature with a large skull and big eyes, looking very much like the little green aliens you often see. in science fiction movies.

Back in 1988, Egyptologist Louis Caparat was exploring inside the Great Pyramid when he accidentally discovered a secret coffin. The sarcophagus was sealed shortly after the pyramid was completed, more than 4,500 years ago, and it appears to be a transparent crystal.