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Archaeologists unearth a 230-million-year-old creature: a crocodile-bird “hybrid”

In the Triassic period, the period of what is now the US state of Wyoming, there existed a strange beast with a parrot-like beak, a dinosaur-like body. It was called Beeѕiiwo сooowuse, a kind of bench.

The Beast has just appeared in the United StatesThe Beast has just appeared in the United States – (Photo: Gabriel Ugueto).

In an interview with Live Science, paleoptologist David Lovelace of the University of Wisconsin-Madiso (USA) said that Beesiiwo’s body was not particularly large, weighing only 5-7 kg, approximately 0.6m long.

It is a herbivore, often containing copifers, ferps, etc., with a mouth that looks like a parrot’s beak and effectively cuts leaves. It belongs to a larger group of receptive reptiles called ryptosauruses.

Up to five fossil rhypsosaur specimens have been unearthed in the Poro Αgіe Formation, a Triassic geological formation in the Bighor Mountains, part of the Northern Rocky Mountains.

Three of the five specimens belonged to the new species Beeѕiiwo. Because the place where it appeared belongs to Native American countries, scientists worked with the Northern Tribal Historic Preservation Office to identify it after the aforementioned period. ge, which means “lizard.” large lizards from the Αlсova area.”

Research recently published in the scientific journal Diversity says that it belongs to the group of the fittest lizards. The strange “hybrid” form of this beast is not too difficult to understand, because it is a distant relative of today’s crocodiles and birds.

Because the sample includes part of the mop’s jaws, it also helps scientists reconstruct the landscape and environment of the area during the Triassic period. .