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Frozen Caveman Discovered In The Himalayas: A Remarkable Find

An ancient frozen caveman was discovered in the Himalayas.

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While climbing the peaks of the Himalayan mountains, two climbers of Norwegian and Swedish origin made their way to one of the secret caves on the mountainside after a series of avalanches began to run amok all over the place.

After going deeper and deeper into one of those caves, they finally came across what appears to be the remains of a frozen caveman dating back to the Paleolithic era.

This caveman lives anywhere between 2.33 and 1.44 million years ago and, as far as we know, was a prominent figure in the Gelasian Pleistocene period and has been one of the many Homo habilis that inhabited the planet in that period of time.

Next to the body, the two explorers also discovered a pair of spears and what appeared to be several damaged leather objects.

The discovery surprised many people, to say the least, as it was actually in almost perfect condition, literally, just as they originally found it.

The main reason why the body was not so damaged despite being so old is the fact that inside the cave the body had both the humidity and cold necessary to remain in cryostasis.

The body won’t be returning anytime soon, as movies often show these cases, but this discovery allowed us to uncover the truth behind the frozen humanoids that lived on our planet millions of years ago.