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Off-World Humans: 3-Meter-Tall Beings Came to Earth & Had Secret Contact with Italians – They Lived in Giant Underground Bases

Off-World Humans: 3-Meter-Tall Beings Came to Earth & Had Secret Contact with Italians – They Lived in Giant Underground Bases

One of the most underrated and least discussed UFO contact cases in the past century is the “Friendship case.” The story of this case included many incidents and hundreds of witnesses that made it true. From 1956 until 1990, the Italians had been dealing with mass UFO sightings and contacts with extraterrestrials called Friends. It is noted that Italy was the hub of extraterrestrial activities with over 12,000 UFO cases that were reported in the 20th century.

According to aerospace expert and journalist Dr. Roberto Pinotti, it all began in 1956, when some Italians were involved in regular contact with human-like entities “Friends” that arrived on Earth to help mankind. These beings supposedly had their bases along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in the Italian peninsula.

Writer Nikola Duper claimed that he himself was involved in contact with those beings and had a face-to-face meeting with them. According to him, the human-like extraterrestrials had come to Earth from the Milky Way, and other galaxies located thousands of light-years away. He wrote that the beings lived in underground bases along the Adriatic coast at a depth of at a depth of about 20 km/12 miles. The first, “historical” base was located under the area of Ascoli Piceno, a small town in central Italy.

Duper wrote: “Now, I shall briefly refer things that derive exclusively from what I was involved in personally, during an extensive part of my life, and from our direct conversations with the Friends. I have viva voce recordings of these, with the Friends’ own voices.

“Friendship” gathers together various extraterrestrial populations that are different from each other, both as regards physical characteristics (there are tall, small and giant Friends, etc.) and provenance (there are Friends from other Universes and dimensions). However, all of them share a fundamental choice towards Good. “Friendship” is a sort of transversal confederation on the basis of a common ideal of life and thought, though great diversifications remain between populations and individuals and between personal choices. This is the very opposite of ideological standardization.

The population whom we personally interacted with is composed of individuals (men and women, like us) who are physically very beautiful, some about three meters (ten feet) tall, while others are tiny. However, these are secondary aspects only. What is important is what they represent, beyond the various typologies and endless “folkloristic” singularities.

The Friends are our elder brothers. They are human. Indeed, in comparison it’s we terrestrials who are less than human. They are much more human than we are, and that is why they do not show themselves. They are “too” human… For us it is easy to flatter them, but envying them is even easier, due to their perfect humaneness…

Other populations in the Universes have chosen Evil, which is often represented by the adoration of Energy and Knowledge-Science. This dualism between Good and Evil is fundamental in order to understand both the still ongoing Struggle and why it is so hard for truth to be disclosed to the inhabitants of our planet.

The Struggle between Good and Evil has always existed and is real, not an invention or a stage effect. (The wicked are not the result of a failed scientific experiment, but can freely choose to change and follow Good).

This Struggle between Good and Evil also entered the life of the terrestrials in our group, and transformed them into “particular” beings.

We had various types of experiences, both mental and moral and phenomenal (face-to-face encounters with some of the Friends, conversations with them, sightings of saucers and other flying objects with different shapes, very close sightings of materializations and dematerializations, visits and even long stays inside the underground bases, etc.). These marked our personal lives deeply and indelibly and caused us to become particularly vulnerable to the laws, regulations and conventions of our own reality and society where we continued to live and work -with the exception of a few of us who chose to spend the rest of their lives together with the Friends. What we experienced with the Friends goes beyond any imagination. As a consequence, absolute silence with other people has been the most normal reaction from us, together with our continuous thinking about our experiences over the decades. It was, and still is, a kind of “mental mulling” and constantly growing awareness of what happened, together with the realization that it cannot easily be put into words. Some of us paid a very high price for our being “singled out”, and abandoned established work and social life patterns.”

Author Stefano Breccia mentioned in his book “Mass Contacts” about the incident where three young boys met with the beings near Ascoli Piceno when they were heading to Rocca Pia. Breccia wrote that one of the beings was 8 feet tall. In his book “50 Years of Amicizia,” he shared a clear photograph of one tall man who was 10 feet tall and claimed he was one of the Friends.

Bruno Samaciccia: 1950s Italian Contactee
Breccia revealed personal accounts and evidence of repeated encounters with human extraterrestrials (ETs) in his book who had secret underground bases on our planet. The contacts took place in Pesc ara, and writer Bruno Samaciccia was considered the main contactee.

Bruno referred to the off-world humans with whom he made contact as the “W56.” The ‘W’ stood for ‘double victory’ and was also a reference to George Washington. The W56 were a group of humans who came from various parts of the cosmos. Beyond being scientifically and spiritually advanced and taller than people on our planet (they ranged from one to six meters in height), they were a lot like us.

One unintentionally amusing episode describes when Dimpietro, a 3-meter tall extraterrestrial, commonly referred to by the friends as “the poplar,” decided it was time to introduce himself to Sammaciccia’s wife Rafaella. When she came home, she found Dimpietro sitting on the kitchen floor of their flat in Milan because he didn’t want to scare her with his height. Unfortunately, when she saw the human “poplar” in her kitchen, she was so frightened that she fled into the bedroom and remained there until her husband returned. Dimpietro was the commander of the largest base in central eastern Italy, while there were smaller bases below Lake Como near Milan, in Bologna, in Rome, in Pescara, in Pineto, and elsewhere.

On their first encounter, the friends were told: “This is a critical time in human history. We are not here to conquer because there is nothing to conquer. We have been on Earth for many centuries, living in secret bases around the planet.” And in response to concerns about their strongly ethical perspective on life compared to that of humans: “Our goodness and truth will be stronger than human doubts.”

Nikola Duper criticizes the content of Stefano Breccia’s book, describing it as not only wrong but also dangerous for the credibility of the whole story. As a result, Nikola Duper requests that the front page of Breccia’s book be excluded from the article and emphasizes that the story they are telling has nothing to do with “Mass Contacts.” The only part of the book that Nikola Duper acknowledges as mostly true are the words of Bruno Sammaciccia.

As Breccia was an electrical engineer, he had a great interest in alien technology. In his study of Ufology, he learned many things about UFOs. In his book, he revealed that the flying saucers are not always the primary means of transport but function as a temporary laboratory and base. Besides, after the mission was completed, the flying saucers were often disassembled, and robots would build another one for 2 hours. He shared much technical information about the UFOs, from their navigation system to the metals used to build them. Unfortunately, the tragic death of Breccia in 2012 shocked the whole UFO community.

Dr. Pinotti wrote several books on UFOs and spent more than 40 years in UFO research. His house in Florence is stuffed with alien memorabilia and newspaper clipping that has blurry UFO images. He is also the founder of Italy’s National UFO Centre (Centro Ufologico Nazionale).

In the fall of 2017, he shocked everyone by publishing photographs of an alien wearing dark shades and a control cabin of UFO in his book “UFO Contacts In Italy.” He claimed the photographs had been taken by two men who saw a flying saucer that landed in Francavilla, Italy on the Adriatic Coast in 1957. In his book, he described that the UFO was 24 meters wide, and the control cabin was 10 meters.

He said: “You can see inside the cockpit with seating, control panel, and other objects.” He added that eight of these photographs were first published by the Italian consul Alberto Perego in his book “Sono Extraterrestri” in 1958. But they were never published outside Italy.

Philip Mantle, Former MUFON representative for England called the alleged photographs neither fake nor authentic. At the same time, he recalled the credibility of Dr. Pinotti who was formerly an officer of the NATO Italian Army III Missile Brigade. He even called Dr. Pinotti’s UFO organization one of the world’s oldest and most authoritative private UFO study organizations.

Did you know that in 1954, during a football match in Florence, multiple UFOs flew over the stadium, catching the attention of 10,000 people? It was the first time in the history of Italy when in broad daylight, so many people witnessed the event at the same time, including Italian footballer Ardico Magnini.

Magnini said: “I remember everything. It was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, slowly, slowly. Everyone was looking up and there was some glitter coming down from the sky, silver glitter. We were astonished we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked.”

Dr. Pinotti took a deep interest in the material of what Magnini described as silver glitter. He mentioned that a 10-year-old boy from Florence had seen this strange substance falling on the roofs of the houses like snow for one hour. On analysis, it was found out that the mysterious substance “contained the elements boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium, and that it was not radioactive.” So, it is confirmed that Italy had UFO sightings even before the Friendship case.