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Pyramid curse? The mysterious death of 200 climbers because climbing to the top of the pyramid offended the spirits

On the banks of the Nile River in Egypt, an ancient African country, in the vast desert near the city of Cairo, is a group of giant square cone-shaped buildings, one of the eight wonders of the world. Ancient – Egyptian Pyramids. It has majestically gone through many ups and downs, has a rich history of four or five thousand years, is a symbol of the peak civilization of ancient Egypt and a witness to the distant history of humanity.

Considered a wonder of the world, the pyramids stand proudly against the blue sky and have become a world-famous tourist attraction today. Furthermore, the pyramids are also a huge treasure for people to explore the cultural relics of ancient Egypt four or five thousand years ago. There is also an ancient curse about the pyramids, whoever climbs to the top of the pyramid will mysteriously die, it is said that so far 200 people have fallen to the ground, this is one of the supernatural events of the Egyptian pyramids!

On a sunny day in 1989, a young man named Peter Farnangan in a tour group from England, with heroic spirit, quietly climbed the 500-foot pyramid from the inclined western wall along the crevice. kick without being detected by anyone. When he was about 1/3 of the way to the top of the tower, Peter turned to the tourists and guides below and shouted: “Look! I’m about to climb to the top of the tower!” with a look full of proud boasting.

At this time, Owen, the tour guide leading the group, immediately warned Peter, who was still climbing the tower, in a loud voice: “The pyramid cannot be climbed, quickly get down!” But he continued to climb to the top of the tower. After about an hour, Peter finally climbed to the top of the tower, and many tourists gathered below were surprised.

At this time, several police cars and Red Cross vehicles also rushed to the scene. Peter stayed at the top for about 10 minutes, but then he seemed to be hypnotized and fell from the top of the tower, dying at the scene. place. People gathered under the tower to watch were making noise. Brenda – a female tourist who witnessed the tragedy, shouted in panic: “It’s so terrible! It’s truly terrible!”

Sheriff Shady Eccary, who was the first to run to Peter’s side, said: “I don’t know what happened, he fell straight down like a log!” After an autopsy, the results showed that Peter died from severe head injuries long before his body hit the ground. Almost every bone in his body was broken, and his features were indistinguishable due to the profuse bleeding.

According to local police records, about 200 climbers have climbed to the top of the pyramid since 1940, but all fell to their deaths. Police chief Ikari said that people here believe that this is the curse of the pharaoh of the 4th dynasty of ancient Egypt, who built the pyramids, cursing that anyone who climbs to the top of the tower will experience concussion. Dead souls are not allowed to die properly.

Curse? Prophecy? Is it the blind spot of science or the abandonment of science? What force causes the person who touches the top of the pyramid to immediately die? It needs to be further verified by scientists. The secret of the pyramids has attracted many curious explorers and archaeologists, some of whom climbed to the top of the tower despite the curse on the pharaoh’s tombstone, resulting in them all dying one after another. . All of the dead had broken bones and their bodies were no longer intact.