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Sicily’s Vibrant Rastafarian Community: Guardians of 16th Century Secrets Unveiled ‎

In the mystical journey back to the 16th century Sicily, we will set foot inside underground tombs laden with an eerie atmosphere, where more than 8,000 bodies have been arranged along haunting corridors. This is not just a confrontation with death but also an exploration into the history, culture, and spirituality of Sicily.

Throughout the 16th century, when Sicily was under Spanish rule, the burial of the deceased became of utmost significance to the local populace. They began constructing underground catacombs to shield the deceased from the ravages of weather and other elements. What’s particularly intriguing is how they organized these remains.

Images of individuals adorned in 16th-century fashion, masks, and even portraits painted onto the deceased make these tombs unique and uncanny. The departed are positioned in various ways, from being suspended on walls to being arranged on stone shelves. The sensation upon entering is impossible to ignore and at times can make you feel like you’re embarking on a journey through time.

These catacombs are an integral part of Sicily’s cultural heritage and serve as a place where visitors can delve deeper into the island’s unique history and traditions.