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Strange Coincidence: 3,000-Year-Old Statue Bears Eerie Resemblance To Michael Jackson

There is a 3,000-year-old Egyptian statue that looks like Michael Jackson.

The play was performed in Cairo in 1889 and has been on display at the museum for 21 years. Chicago Timer Aaron Edward E. Ayer thought the statue in Egypt in 1894. It was donated to the museum in 1899 and has been on display since 1988 at the Field Museum. Permanent exhibition inside ancient Egypt.

Archaeologists have noted that this fire took place during the New Kingdom Period of Egyptian history and was between 1550 BC and 1050 BC.

The model was cared for at some point during the reign of King Remesses or King Tut, but there is no exact time, who it is, or why it was created, as there are no hieroglyphics on it.

This Egyptian exhibit is one of the most popular exhibits at the Chicago Field Museum, as tons of Michael Jackson fans come every year and treat the occasion. Museum as a pilgrimage. Some people ask about this Egyptian statue before purchasing tickets, and many head straight to the exhibit when they enter the museum.

Some fans might go overboard and want to touch or kiss the statue, since they are genuinely convinced that it is Michael Jackson. Visitors are prevented from doing this and the care is actually behind a protective screen.

Despite looking like Michael Jackson, the limestone is actually a statue of a woman. The model is 25 cm high and 35 cm wide.

Many are convinced that this is Michael Jackson, as the nose of lust is considered eerily the same as the King of Pop. There is an explanation for the missing nose and a museum curator explained that:

“95% of Egyptian statues and statues were desecrated by early Christians and Muslims because they were used for idolatry. “They looked at them as idols and by removing their noses they turned them into ‘non-humans’.”

People are convinced it’s Mike when they look at his 1993 hit, “Rememor the Time.” The music video is set in Egypt and couldn’t be more coincidental.