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The Mysterious Smile Of The 4,000-Year-Old Mummy Of Princess Xiaohe Found, Shocks The Scientific Community

Located in the Taklamakan Desert in northwest China, Xiaohe Cemetery is world famous for its hundreds of mysterious mummies. Among them, the mummy “Princess Xiaohe” stands out with intact hair, long eyelashes and a mysterious smile.

Located on a natural sand dune in northwest China’s Taklamakan Desert, Xiaohe Cemetery attracts archaeologists with hundreds of mysterious mummies found in large wooden coffins.

According to experts, the Xiaohe cemetery is about 4,000 years old. Hundreds of mummies found in the Xiaohe cemetery attracted attention when they were almost intact after many centuries.

Experts say the harsh environmental conditions and dry climate in the Taklamakan Desert have helped preserve the mummies intact over time.

One of the most famous mummies found in the Xiaohe Cemetery is the “Princess Xiaohe” mummy, which experts determined to be about 4,000 years old.

The results of the examination and investigation of the mummy showed that “Princess Xiaohe” had smooth skin, a high nose, long red hair, and long curly eyelashes. “Princess Xiaohe” also possesses a charming smile. These characteristics show that “Princess Xiaohe” is a beautiful woman.

These facial features of Xiaohe are very different from those of Asians who lived at that time. Therefore, experts are curious to know where this beautiful beauty came from.

One of the proposed hypotheses is that Xiaohe came from somewhere between southeastern Europe and the Ural Mountains. Xiaohe and his community had a long settlement in the Taklamakan Desert. After his death, Xiaohe was buried here.

Xiaohe not only has a beautiful appearance, but also wears a stunning outfit, a pointed white hat and high-collared fur-lined shoes.