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3 “million-year-old” inventions show that prehistoric people’s technology was extremely advanced

Much archaeological evidence shows that prehistoric civilizations dating back millions of years ago were no less developed than our modern civilization, or even more advanced.

1.8 billion year old nuclear reactor

In 1972, a French factory imported uranium ore from the Oklo region, in the Republic of Gabon. The strange thing is that they discovered that this uranium ore had been used. Gabon is a poor, backward country in Central Africa, so it is impossible to have enough technical skills to extract this type of ore.

After sending experts to investigate, it was discovered that the location of this ore sample was located at an extremely advanced large-scale nuclear reactor, which has been operating for 500,000 years and is estimated to have existed from 1,000 years ago. 8 billion years ago.

Former Chairman of the US Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, who won a Nobel Prize for his research on heavy elements, said that this is definitely not a natural phenomenon. but created by humans.

The conditions to “burn” uranium in the reactor require precision and rigor. The water must be extremely pure, purer than any water that exists naturally on this planet.

For nuclear fission to occur, U-235 is needed, which is one of the isotopes found naturally in uranium.

However, according to experts in the field of nuclear engineering, the uranium in Oklo does not have enough U-235 for the reaction to occur naturally.

In addition, the Oklo reactor is more advanced than all the nuclear reactors we have built today. It is several kilometers long, but the thermal impact on the surrounding environment is limited to only 40m. Radioactive waste remains enclosed by external geographical factors and does not extend beyond the mine site.

Today’s modern science wants to build a nuclear reactor of such scale, structure and efficiency, which is beyond imagination. So nearly 2 billion years ago there may have existed a civilization more advanced than we are today!

Stone in Peru engraved with ancient telescopes and modern clothing

People often think that scientist Galileo was the one who invented the telescope in 1609. But at the Cabrera museum in Ica, Peru, there is a stone that was determined to be carved 65 million years ago. , on the rock face illustrates a person holding a telescope observing the stars.

This inevitably raises suspicions that, 65 million years ago, there existed an advanced civilization in which people had knowledge of astronomy and also knew how to invent technical tools…

In addition, the museum also displays about 10,000 stones depicting prehistoric people wearing hats, clothes and shoes. Not only that, there are also stones depicting scenes such as cesarean sections, blood transfusions, organ transplants, encounters with dinosaurs…

Archaeological researcher at the University of New Mexico, Dr. Dennis Swift, has compiled the book “The Secret of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines”, which clearly states the evidence that these stones existed. dating from pre-Columbian times.

Dr. Swift said that in the 1960s, many people thought the stones were fake because at that time, people believed that dinosaurs dragged their tails when walking, while the stones were carved with dinosaurs. tail up.

However, later studies have shown that dinosaurs most likely raised their tails when moving like drawings on rocks.

The silver vase is 500 million years old

In 1852, a metal vase was discovered in a rockburst in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Examination showed that this vase is up to 500 million years old.

This bell-shaped vase has a base 16.5cm wide and 11.4cm high. After analysis, it was discovered that this vase was composed of silver alloy. This created a big stir in the scientific world.

These evidences show that it is very possible that before our civilization this time, there were other advanced, modern civilizations. Among them, there are civilizations that have a level of science far beyond current humanity, but at some point their civilization perished, then a similar civilization revived. This is very worthy for us to ponder.