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American Indian Legends About Red-Haired Giants Nephilim And Humans

According to Indian legends passed down from generation to generation and archaeological discoveries of the past, giants lived in those days.

Thousands of years ago, giants roamed the Americas before the new world was discovered and colonized by Asians, a red-haired race.

The white giants were already here.

These giants were cannibals and grew to an incredible height of 12 feet or even more.

The first great Indian War was not between the Calvary of the United States, but between the Asian Indian settlers and the Native American giants.

Even today’s tribes still speak of those ancient days when unapproachable giants roamed the land viciously, attacking Indian settlements and brutally carrying off screaming women and crying children to use in their next meal.

After many years and many battles between the Indians and the fierce and ferocious Giants, some of the remaining red-headed enemies were chased and took refuge in a cave.


Many warriors filled the entrance to the cavern with weeds and set it on fire in an attempt to drive out the Giants.

Some giants at dinner were instantly killed with a multitude of arrows.

The Giants that remained inside the cavern were destroyed or burned.