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Discovering a 55,000-year-old ancient civilization frozen in Antarctica that humans have never known

Mr. Corey Goode, a former NASA employee who worked in America’s secret space program, recently revealed that there is an ancient alien civilization buried under 2 miles of ice (about 3,000 meters). 2km) in Antarctica.

Corey Goode is an American national with many innate Spiritual abilities. He was recruited and trained by the US military to serve in many of this agency’s high-level secret military programs. He served more than 20 years in many secret space programs and had many contacts with aliens. In recent years, he has revealed a lot of interesting information about aliens, spiritual phenomena and many other fields.

Corey Goode is an American national with many innate Spiritual abilities.

Goode said that in early January 2017, he was taken by the US Air Force to Antarctica to witness a secret excavation being conducted at the ruins of a 55,000-year-old alien civilization.

The first time he learned about this discovery was through a senior officer of the US Air Force. This person is currently working in a space secret service program for the US government and elites.

In fact, this ruin was discovered around the same time as the first Nazi expedition in 1939. However, only since 2002 have archaeologists and scientists been allowed to excavate in the area. This.

They are currently preparing documentary films and related academic papers to amaze the scientific community and the world.

Having failed to keep their ancestors secret any longer, the elite will try to take advantage of this opportunity to distract public attention from their crimes.

The first time he learned about this discovery was through a senior officer of the US Air Force.

In December 2016, Goode said he soon learned about the excavation in Antarctica from many different sources, then a senior officer of the US Air Force officially revealed to him about the excavation. whip.

This person is often called “Sigmund”. Sigmund was the leader of a secret mission that involved many of Goode’s kidnappings and interrogations.

The information Goode gives often has to be checked for authenticity. After being satisfied with Goode’s reliable sources and news, Sigmund suddenly shared what he knew about the excavations in Antarctica with him. It was a civilization led by a race of pre-Adamic humans, 3 – 3.5 meters tall with long skulls. This civilization was frozen during the Great Flood that occurred 12,000 years ago.

Near the excavation site, three oval-shaped spacecraft with a diameter of up to 48m were discovered, showing that this race of humans originated outside the Earth, and they came to Earth about 55,000 years ago. One of three ships that have been excavated.

Goode soon learned about excavations in Antarctica from a variety of sources.

Through contacts, Goode also learned that the most advanced technology, and some ruins of the pre-Adamite civilization, were being removed from the archaeological area and would be made public in the near future. Groups of archaeologists are still studying the remains and must keep this excavation a secret.

In addition, selected ancient artifacts will be brought to large warehouses and archaeological sites to be announced to the public.

In a personal summary on January 24, 2018, Goode detailed his recent trip to Antarctica. Before that, he also told about his last trip to this continent and said he saw 5 bases operating underground belonging to the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (roughly translated: Planetary Union), a corporation. runs a secret space program in Antarctica.