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Experts believe that 500,000 years ago, aliens genetically designed the first humans.

Officially, humans first appeared on Earth 4 million years ago, but new evidence reveals that ancient extraterrestrial invaders genetically modified and controlled a small number of these early hominids to generate the first Homo Sapiens.

Author and researcher Daniella Fenton has explored humanity’s earliest origins as well as the brain’s rapid acceleration around 800000 years ago.

Humans, she claims, have irregularities in their evolution as compared to other primates, some of which are so complex that they can only be explained or carried out using current genetic engineering.

In her book “Human Hybrids: Scientific Evidence from our 800,000-year-old Alien Legacy,” Daniella Fenton describes a series of significant changes in genes linked with brain development, neural architecture, and information processing.

Finally, Fenton demonstrated that a chromosome-2 fusion was passed down through a complete generation of individuals. This chromosomal modification would have a big impact on brain development, immune system function, and reproductive capabilities.

There is further proof that humans were formed by aliens, according to Fenton, such as physical material left by stars, stuff that dates from the same time period.