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Experts Claim Humans Descended From Ancient Aliens From Thousands Of Years Ago

What if the aliens we are desperately trying to look for were us? Some experts claim that humans are the descendants of ancient aliens who arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. Ancient “Humans” most like interbred with another specie in the past. We may be related to ancient aliens from Alpha Centauri, resulting in the birth of contemporary humans.

A new theory regarding Earth’s origins is that humans are descended from aliens who came to our planet thousands of years ago. This theory is rooted in the work of some of today’s most prominent scientists – such as Robert A. Freitas Jr and David Livingston. They have suggested that humans have evolved from intelligent reptiles, which were altered by ancient technology and perfected by time over millions of years, eventually leading to the development of modern man and his civilization

The theory is called the “Intelligent Design” theory. It suggests that humans descended from aliens who came to our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago and had a profound impact on human development. But why would they want to do this?


Humans’ origin story has been romanticized and sensationalized for decades, but the truth is that we came to be as a result of alien intervention.

The term “aliens” in fact refers to extraterrestrial lifeforms that are not human. Some of them have come to our planet many times during different periods in history, from hundreds of thousands of years ago until now. They are more advanced and wise than humans and have changed the course of human civilization on more than one occasion.

Some people might find this idea hard to swallow, leading them to doubt their own existence. But even if you don’t believe it, you cannot deny the vast amount of evidence that suggests otherwise. If you’re interested in learning more about this idea, head over to this article or watch the video Dr. Mae Jemison and Dr. David Livingston.

The most prevalent source of evidence is the notion that humans descended from aliens who came to our planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. You can read more about it here.

Archaeologists discovered the Tablet of Kish, which dates back to around 3500 BC. Archaeologists found this tablet in Tell Al-Uhaymir, currently known as Iraq. This tablet is known to have revealed something unexpected about our origins.

According to this tablet, the Sumerian Kings are the first rulers to have risen to power after the great flood. The first king was Joshua, and Kullasina-bel succeeded him. His successor’s name translates to “All of them were rulers” in Akkadian. This made some scholars conclude that this name alluded to Kish’s lack of centralized power despite being a king.

Experts also believe that despite being a massive advantage, we acquired our bipedal nature after a great sacrifice. They wondered why only we were able to evolve in such a manner and why only we have access to the use of a variety of tools and technology.

According to a novel idea introduced by Dr. Ellis Silver, there are red flags about the human race. And, us not evolving like other animals is the biggest. This led him to conclude that we did not evolve WITH other life forms on Earth. He claims that we are not originally from this planet.

According to Dr. Ellis, even though we are the most developed life form on Earth, we are ill-equipped to live in several areas on the planet. We are also damaged by sunshine, averse to eating certain natural food, and prone to chronic sickness.

Dr. Ellis mentions that human babies are born with large heads to support this idea. He says that we are ill-equipped to give birth on this planet. Had the conditions here mirrored where we came from, we wouldn’t be experiencing back pains because of the weaker gravity on our original planet.

But where did contemporary humans come from? Dr. Ellis claims that our ancestors were originally from Alpha Centauri. When they arrived, they met with Neanderthals and other species to ensure their offspring would be better suited for life on Earth.

This is the hidden history behind the humans we know today. The closest alien life is not on a distant planet; they’re here on Earth. The aliens are us.