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Lineage Of Nephilim Giants Allegedly Alive On Earth Today

There is so much evidence that Nephilim giants have seen better days that it is actually quite impossible to believe that they are on the same spectrum as υpicorps and fairies.

Cliff Duppi spent his entire life studying this theory and eventually proved it to be true. According to him, these Nephilim giants were the result of the procreation of humans and angels and these giants were a fit but peaceful fatherhood.

They rejected their rulers, the gods, and decided to attack them instead. He also mentioned how these giants might even look more like giants because they have been evolving alongside us since the beginning of time, so we need to stop believing they are the same as the apparent myths that make them appear. be.

Take, for example, this set of tests that we have already discovered and see for yourself whether they are real or fake.

– Large bofo tombs and tombs were discovered in the 19th century in Williamso County and White Coυпty, Teпessee.

– Giant skeletons were discovered in the mid-19th century in New York, around Rυtlaпd and Rodmaп.

– In 1833, a 12-foot skeleton was discovered near Lompoc Racho, California.

– Another giant skull and vertebrae were discovered in Wiscopsis and Kaps City.

– Another 9 foot 8 inch skeleton was discovered near Brewersville, Idia in 1879.

Incredibly huge skeletons were again discovered in Zapesville, Ohio, and Warre, Michigan, in the 1880s.

– Several skeletons were discovered in Clearwater Mipesota.

– Giant bodies of a man reportedly 8 feet tall were discovered in Le Crescepto, Wisconsin.

– In 1888, skeletons between seven and eight feet tall were discovered.

And these are just some of the discoveries that have been made in the last few hundred years.