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Priest from Ecuador Discovers an Ancient Golden Library Allegedly Made by Giant Aliens

News about a revolutionary archaeological find from Ecuador blew people’s minds not too long ago. Crespi, the discoverer, made the find, and this cave has since been studied. He found a metallic alien library filled with huge sheets of gold, titanium, and other precious metals. Given the nature of the items found, people speculate that this library was made by giant aliens who once visited and lived on Earth.

In the search for ancient texts that could provide proof of extraterrestrial contact and life on other planets, scholars have uncovered a rare find: a library that includes some books written in an extinct language. The discovery of a golden library from ancient times, which was allegedly made by giant aliens is quite a wonder. This article will provide information on how it came to be, some of its contents and its similarities with other libraries.  The “Sumerian” library was found in an ancient tomb site in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings. The discovery was made by a team of French scholars led by Jean-Vincent Scheil, a professor at Paris’s Sorbonne University.

In 2009, an individual known as the “Priest of Guito” discovered a large golden library, allegedly made by giant aliens. He brought his discovery to the authorities and soon it was being studied by NASA scientists for evidence that humans were not alone in the universe.

For centuries, the people of Ecuador have been leaving offerings at a remote cave in the Andes Mountains. They believed that a golden library made by an advanced alien race once sat buried in its depths. The book of knowledge was said to contain powerful spells and insights that could help guide humans toward prosperity, health, and happiness. One day, a lone eccentric named Father Guido entered the cave to take a look. He made an unexpected discovery, but the discovery was not gold—it was a live creature preserved in a block of ice.

Guido found that the creature was a perfect skull with no mouth or eyes and a strange crest on its forehead which resembled an antenna. He had never seen anything like it before, so he took it to his laboratory to study it further. What he discovered scared him even more than the bizarre artifact: The creature had been frozen for centuries, but still appeared to be alive. The ancient text was the first to speak of the creature.”Knowledge is power”.

The Ecuadorian authorities visited the location known as the Cueva de Los Tayos and contested the findings. However, since the Ecuadorian and British governments financed expeditions to the area, the ancient golden library grabbed the attention of many.

Among the people who went on one of these expeditions was Neil Armstrong. He is most famous for being the first man on the moon. It may have been decades since he took the first steps on the moon, but the speech he gave then still stands the test of time.

While expeditions to the area haven’t been done since, there are still individuals who visit Cueva de Los Tayos in hopes of finding this legendary golden library allegedly made by giant aliens. While the cave has signs of being manmade, the size of some of the corridors inside gives credence to it being made by or for gigantic extraterrestrials.

If further expeditions and visits to the size prove that there were giant beings on Earth, it will reveal new things about our world. Not only will it change our perception of our history, it will also explain certain things about our origins as a specie.

These caves are massive. Since trying to map the whole cave system would take forever without the proper equipment, it hasn’t been fully probed or explored. Regardless, what we have seen, thus far is breathtaking.

People who visited the cave still wonder what a massive cave system was for. Regardless, these caves were carved out by people from our past. Whether these people are humans or giants, these caves are amazing nonetheless.

And, if it turns out that these caves were made to hide knowledge for future generations to discover, the construction of something so deep into the Earth is justified.

If you want to know this cave system better, you can watch the video below to help you get started.