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Satellite Captured “Pyramid” In Antarctica, Netizens Speculate That It Was Built By Ancient People 10,000 Years Ago

To this day, scientists still debate whether what the satellite captured was a pyramid or just a mountain peak.

Satellites suddenly found a mysterious “pyramid”.

In 2016, social network users loudly shared a photo of a new “pyramid” accidentally captured by the Google Earth satellite. However, what is surprising is that it was found in Antarctica. According to the details in the photo, it can be seen that this “strange object” has a structure of 4 sloping sides, the estimated size of each side of the foothill is about 2km, making many people think of the Egyptian pyramids. Immediately, this photo created a wave of controversy about the origin of this “strange object”.

Some people claim that this is a pyramid built by an ancient civilization 10,000 years ago when Antarctica was still warm. They even think that ancient people built this pyramid before the Egyptians.

The “strange object” captured by the Google Earth satellite has a shape very similar to a pyramid. (Photo: Oddity Central)

David Childress, one of the first people to propose this hypothesis, said: ” This pyramid is one of the oldest structures in the world. It may be the first pyramid to be created and later became became the model for other pyramids”.

Pyramid” or mountain peak?

However, geological experts refute this argument. They believe that this is actually just a mountain that looks similar to a pyramid. Eric Rignot, a geology professor from the University of Irvine, believes that a pyramid-like structure is entirely possible in nature. This structure is actually just due to the convergence of glaciers on the surfaces of the mountain. This feature often appears on mountains in ice-covered areas.

Dr. Mitch Darcy, a geologist at the German Research Center for Geosciences, also agreed with Professor Eric Rignot’s opinion. According to Dr. Mitch Darcy, this is a common structure. This geological form is also called “nunatak” . It can be simply understood that this geological form is a rock peak rising from a glacier or an iceberg.

The Matterhorn peak in the Alps also has a shape that reminds others of a pyramid. (Photo: Oddity Central)

Specifically, the Matterhorn peak in the Alps or Bulandstindur mountain in Iceland also have a shape that reminds others of a pyramid. Therefore, he believes that the special shape of the rocky peak in Antarctica is just a coincidence. He also affirmed that it was not the work of any civilization.

Although many scientists have spoken out, there are still many netizens who do not accept this explanation. They believe that this “pyramid” in Antarctica is a work left by aliens. Furthermore, we still have too much to learn about ancient history and the people of that time