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The mysteries of Mount Roraima: Evidence of artificial cuts?

Blue Book Project: The witness tells that a UFO landed at the “airport” that forms the top of Roraima, causing a major blackout throughout the region.

Known as a geological curiosity, full of mysteries and inexplicable phenomena, Mount Roraima has become one of the most important points for researching UFOs and paranormals.

Also known as Tepuy Roraima, Cerro Roraima or simply Roraima, it is located on a plateau at the crossroads between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. Some people are sure that this work was done naturally, a “whim of nature.” However, due to its height and its almost perfectly flat peak, many theories indicate that, perhaps, it could be an artificial construction from really very old times.Could Mount Roraima be built artificially?

Mount Roraima, which in the past was virtually unknown to researchers, has become one of the most important points for those studying UFO phenomena. Its fascinating shape has attracted attention for decades, as the mound appears to have been carved out of a single gigantic monolithic piece of rock.

Its walls are completely vertical and all surfaces are smooth. The sides of the mountain are also perfectly straight. The height at the top of the vertical walls reaches 400 meters. The sloping corners seem to create a kind of “defence” for those who want to reach the surface, forming very sharp protrusions that cover the entire mountain. The mountain range measures about 170 meters and, in total, the structure exceeds 1,150 meters in height.

The mythology of Roraima

Mount Roraima was first described by the English explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh in 1596, and lies on the Giana Shield forming the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range. ©️ Wikimedia Commons
The Pemón, Capone and several other indigenous peoples found in South America have a very extensive mythology, where the Roraima plays a very important role, especially in cosmogony.

In the Pemón language, “Rorai” means “greenish-blue” and “ma” means “large”. This means that the name Roraima, translated from the Pemon language, means “the great blue-green mountain”. According to their beliefs, the mountain is a kind of remnant of a majestic and mighty tree from which all the food in the world was born.

A legendary hero known as Makunaina, which means “Work at night”, although many others know him simply as “God” or “Great Spirit” cut down the tree and its trunk, and when it fell to the ground, it caused a terrible flood.

UFO sightings

Many stories have been told about this great mountain. In addition to local legends and myths, tourists from all over the world witnessed strange events. Delia Hoffman de Mier, a woman who, along with many others, witnessed a “third-degree” contact when they were in the town of Santa Elena de Uairén.

She says that a UFO landed at the “airport” that forms the top of Roraima, causing a major blackout throughout the region. This case was even studied by the US Congress, which was looking into the mystery of “Unidentified Flying Objects”.

The event was included in the well-known Project Blue Book, which is responsible for collecting all the testimonies of extraterrestrials and UFOs that NASA was unable to explain. Thus, many other “extraordinary” events have already been told by various expeditions, tourists and researchers who ventured to visit Mount Roraima.