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The World’s Weirdest Mummy Mysteries From ‘Curse’ And Amputated Toes To ‘Adidas’ Shoes

Scientists have unravelled the mystery of a 1,100-year-old mummy which was found last year wearing what appear to be Adidas boots.

The fashion-forward mummy was found 10,000 feet up in Mongolia’s Altai mountains – and dates from more than a millennia before the rise of the iconic German footwear brand.

Now researchers from the Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia believe that she was an ‘ordinary’ woman, not an aristocrat, and may have died a violent death.

The researchers have also thrown more light on her extraordinary boots.

Researchers, speaking to the Siberian Times, say, ‘it was quite possible that the traces of a blow to the mummy’s facial bones were the cause of her death’.

New pictures show the leather boots have red and black stripes and metal buckle work – which the researchers describe as ‘very modern’.

About the boots Galbadrakh Enkhbat, director of the Centre, said: ‘With these stripes, when the find was made public, they were dubbed similar to Adidas shoes.

‘In this sense, they are an interesting object of study for ethnographers, especially so when the style is very modern.’