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Discover the Splendor: Ruins of Roman Chariots and Horses Discovered in Croatia

Archaeologists in Croatia have recently discovered the fossilized remains of a Roman chariot accompanied by two horses, indicating that it was part of a funerary ritual. The excavation took place at the Jaпkovacka Dυbrava site, near the village of Stari Jaпkovci, near the town of Viпkovci, in eastern Croatia. This important find was made by the team of archaeologists from the Viпkovci Municipal Museum and the Zagreb Institute of Archeology.

The burial chamber, believed to belong to an “extremely wealthy family,” contained the chariot and the remains of two horses. The funeral tradition of burying the chariot and horses together was typically reserved for wealthy households. This practice was particularly associated with iflυeпcial families who occupied prominent positions in the administrative, social and economic life of the province of Pappoia. During the Roman era in the southern Papapo base, burial on tυmυli, which are accepted funerary methods, was considered an extraordinary rite.

Experts estimate that the bopes date back to the 3rd century AD. They are currently working to determine the precise age of the remains to gain a deeper understanding of the family who were buried there 1,800 years ago. Marko Dizdar, director of the Institute of Archaeology, explained that after this process, the artifacts will undergo restoration and conservation, followed by a thorough investigation of the remains. In a few years, they hope to discover more information about the family who was buried in this region centuries ago.

Researchers are particularly interested in the horses themselves and whether they were bred locally or from other regions of the Roman Empire. This aspect could provide valuable information about the family’s prominence and wealth. To gather more information, the team plans to collaborate with local and European institutions.